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Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood

Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood

Scientific name:

Cornus Florida


15' tall by 20' wide, up to 40' tall


opposite, simple, 3"-5" long, untoothed, with veins that bend up toward the tip


many tiny flowers crowded into a head and surrounded by 4 large white petal-like notched bracts; exceptional display in early spring, before leaves


noticeable bright red 1/3" long fruit (called a drupe), 3 or 4 in a cluster, with thin bitter pulp, eaten by mammals; spring

Fall Interest:

attractive maroon; deciduous


partial sun with afternoon shade; evenly moist, fertile, well-drained soil


powdery mildew, anthracnose, leaf spots, and others


small flowering tree, woodland garden


many for larger bracts and bract color (pink)


bark dark grayish brown, rough, broken into small square scaly blocks; branches horizontal with twigs ascending; bark and roots used by Native Americans as a remedy for malaria; native to Arkansas


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Flowering dogwood bark on trunk Flowering dogwood bark on trunk Flowering dogwood flowers Flowering dogwood flower and new leaves Flowering dogwood flower Flowering dogwood leaves, with opposite arrangement and untoothed margins Flowering dogwood fruit Flowering dogwood tree in bloom in the woods Flowering dogwood in bloom Flowering dogwood branching habit Flowering dogwood stem pith