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Downy Service-berry, Shadbush

Downy Service-berry, Shadbush

Scientific name:

Amelanchier Arborea


15'-30' tall


alternate, simple, 1"-3" long, toothed; new leaves copper maturing to dull green


small and bright white, with 5 strap-shaped wavy petals in pendulous clusters; early spring before the leaves emerge


red-purple fruit like a tiny apple, edible and sweet; early June, quickly eaten by birds

Fall Interest:

maroon; deciduous


partial shade to shade; rich, moist soil



understory tree, good for woodland gardens, valuable food source for wildlife and good source of honey



multi-stemmed shrub or small upright tree with bark light gray and smooth when young and dark gray with shallow grooves and long ridges with age; earliest white-flowered tree to bloom in Arkansas forests, prior to the introduction of the invasive callery pear; native to Arkansas


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Serviceberry tree with smooth bark Serviceberry tree, smooth bark and shallow grooves Serviceberry bark on mature tree Serviceberry bark on mature tree Serviceberry flowers in bud Serviceberry flowers in clusters, before the new leaves emerge Serviceberry flower, with five strap-shaped petals Serviceberry leaves, showing alternate arrangement and toothed margins Serviceberry leaves, fall Serviceberry fruit Serviceberry tree in bloom in the woods Serviceberry twigs with buds