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Fringe-tree, Grancy Gray-beard

Fringe-tree, Grancy Gray-beard

Scientific name:

Chionanthus Virginicus


20'-30' tall by as wide


opposite, simple, 4"-8" long, narrowly oblong, untoothed


dramatic lacy white flower with strap-like petals, in drooping clusters, 6"-8" long, fragrant; mid-April


dark blue olive-shaped fruit (called a drupe), eaten by wildlife

Fall Interest:

bright yellow; deciduous


sun to partial shade; moist, fertile, well-drained soil; adaptable; even flowers well in shade


can be targeted by emerald ash borer


woodland landscape, small flowering tree tolerant of urban conditions



large multi-stemmed shrub or small tree; bark sometimes used as tonic, diuretic, and skin astringent; scientific name Chionanthus is from the Greek and means snow flower; native to Arkansas


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Fringe tree bark on branches Fringe tree twig Fringe tree flower stalk with bract Fringe tree flowers, 3 per stalk in a panicle Fringe tree flowers Fringe tree flowers with new leaves Fringe tree flowers, 4 petals each, 3 to a stalk Fringe tree flowers Fringe tree leaves Fringe tree leaves, arranged oppositely on stem Fringe tree leaves above flowers Fringe tree leaves, undersides Fringe tree leaf, with smooth margins Fringe tree fruit Fringe tree in bloom Fringe tree in bloom