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Pin Oak

Pin Oak

Scientific name:

Quercus Palustris


65' tall by 45' wide


alternate, simple, with 5-11 deep lobes at nearly right angles to midvein, bristle-tipped




small acorn barely enclosed by cup ripening in autumn of the second year

Fall Interest:

yellowish orange to brilliant red to maroon; persisting late; deciduous


sun; moist soil; fairly adaptable to most soil except high pH (iron chlorosis); faster growing than other oaks



ornamental shade tree, street tree; wood for crossties, fuel, pulp, face veneer, general lumber



bark grayish brown, thin, with shallow furrows and flat narrow ridges; pyramidal, with a strong central leader; lower limbs droop, middle limbs are horizontal, and upper limbs slant upward; named for small pin-like branches which make pin knots in the lumber; in the red oak group; likely confused with Q. coccinea (scarlet oak) and Q. shumardii (Shumard oak) in the trade; butterfly larval host; native to Arkansas


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Pin oak bark on trunk of mature tree Pin oak bark on young tree Pin oak flowers Pin oak leaves and acorns Pin oak leaves, showing deep lobes and bristles on the tips Pin oak acorns Pin oak acorns Pin oak acorns Pin oak acorns, showing shallow cups Pin oak tree, fall Pin oak tree form, summer Pin oak twig with buds