Arkansas Tree Database



Scientific name:

Liquidambar Styraciflua


75' tall by 50' wide, up to 130' tall


alternate, simple, 4"-7.5" across, star-shaped with 5 pointed lobes and finely toothed margins


not showy


woody capsules in pendulous spiny ball 1" in diameter, frequently persisting on the tree into late winter, commonly called gumballs

Fall Interest:

variable; pale yellow to orange and red to deep bronze or purple; deciduous


sun; medium moisture; adaptable and fast-growing, often a pioneer tree after logging and in old fields



shade tree with messy fruits and shallow rooted; wood used for cabinets, veneer, plywood, and pulp, second only to oaks among hardwoods, the reddish brown heartwood valuable and sold under the name red gum


select mostly fruitless cultivars: 'Rotundiloba,' Cherokee TM


gummy sap has a fragrant pleasant odor and was used by pioneers medicinally and as chewing gum; seeds eaten by many birds and mammals, and bark a favorite of beaver; larval host for two of Arkansas' largest moths, the luna moth and the regal moth; native to Arkansas


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Sweetgum bark on trunk Sweetgum bark on trunk Sweetgum bark on trunk Sweetgum bark on trunk Sweetgum cultivar, fruitless and with rounded lobes on leaves Sweetgum flowers with emerging leaves Sweetgum flower with emerging leaves Sweetgum flower Sweetgum flower Sweetgum leaves, upper side and underside, with fruit Sweetgum foliage, fall Sweetgum fruit Sweetgum fruit Sweetgum tree with fruit, winter Sweetgum twig with buds