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White Oak

White Oak

Scientific name:

Quercus Alba


75' tall by 55' wide, up to 100' tall by 120' wide


alternate, simple, 5"-9" inches long, largest of any oak, with 5-9 deep finger-like lobes, with no bristles on tips; dull blue-green above and pale beneath




large acorn, light brown, 1/4 to 1/3 enclosed by bowl-shaped cup, maturing the first season on the current year's twig

Fall Interest:

dull deep red to exceptional maroon; deciduous


sun to partial sun; rich, deep soil, but tolerant of dry to moist



ornamental shade tree; highest quality lumber of the oaks, second only to walnut in value; tight cooperage, flooring, interior finish, furniture, split oak baskets



bark ashy gray or grayish white with shallow grooves and flat loose scaly ridges; large limbs and branches scaly; white oaks and others in white oak group produce acorns on current year's shoots, and the acorns ripen in their first year; can live 500 years or more; Native Americans made a bread from the ground acorns and used the bark medicinally; butterfly larval host; native to Arkansas


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White oak bark on trunk White oak flowers with emerging leaves White oak leaf, underside White oak leaf, newly emerging White oak leaves, fall White oak leaf, upper side White oak acorns White oak acorns White oak acorns White oak acorns germinating White oak acorn germinating White oak tree in woods White oak tree in woods, winter White oak tree in an open park, spring White oak twig with buds